Yamaha FM Sound Synthesizer Expander Unit II SFG-05U

via this auction"Yamaha FM Sound Synthesizer Expander Unit II SFG-05U. In original packaging.Features: * An FM sound generator is used as the sound generator, allowing for reproduction of quality sound. * 8 sounds can be reproduced simultaneously * Equipped with 48 different types of tone data * MIDI equipped"

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  • Title link takes you to shots via this auction.Details:"This is an extremely rare Yamaha DX-5 Synthesizer. It has two DX-7 engines which when mixed together add up to a much thicker, warmer and diverse sound than a single DX-7 unit. If you are a fan of the DX-7 sound, you will absolutely love the extra sonic possibilities of having two mixable/detunable engines to play simultaneously. Its much

  • i am using midi from my digital piano to synthesizer and when i play, the sound quality is degraded a alot (like cassett tape to cd sound) when i play same sound on synthesizer alone, it is very clear and bright, but when its controlled from my digital piano using midi, it sounds very dull (i am using good quality midi cable) isn't midi all same? is there better midi keyboard controller so sound will be better? my midi output digital piano is yamaha N100 nocturne http://www.yamaha.com/yamahavgn/CDA/ContentDetail/ModelSeriesDetail.html?CNTID=63424 and midi input keyboard is korg pa2xpro http://www.korg.com/Product.aspx?pd=293 Thanks for viewing my questions.
    my both keyboards are responding to how soft & hard i strike the keys, but its just degrages a lot when using midi connection

  • i had selected yamaha mm6.
    it was perfect for me
    it had the following features -
    64 note polyphony
    powerful arpeggiator
    awesome sound quality
    it was more towards modern music
    a huge sound back

    It fell under my budged of 600 USD (roughly 300 BRITIsH POUNDS , 2500 AEDirhams, 30000 Rupees)
    any other such synthesizer with such features under my budget


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